Celebrating International Women’s Day, DSLauncHER Incubator Program for Indonesian Women Founders Officially Opens for Registration


Jakarta, March 8 2023 – In honor of International Women’s Day, DSLauncHER, an incubator program initiated by Dailysocial.id and DS/X Ventures, is proud to announce the launch of our new incubator program for women founders. This program is specifically designed to support and empower women entrepreneurs as they work to bring their innovative ideas to life.

At DSLauncHER, we recognize that women also have the ability to be an entrepreneur. In fact, startups founded or co-founded by women in Southeast Asia (female-founded startups) garnered about $2 billion in private funding in 2022 (DealStreetAsia). That’s why we are committed to creating a supportive environment that helps female founders succeed in their ventures.

The incubator program will provide a range of resources and support to women founders, including mentorship, networking opportunities, access to funding and investment, and educational programs. Participants will also benefit from our experienced team of industry experts, who will provide guidance and support throughout the program.

“We recognize the incredible potential and talent that women bring to the table, and we want to do everything we can to support their success. By providing the resources and support they need, we hope to help more women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and make a real impact in their industries.” said Amir Karimuddin, General Partner of DS/X Ventures.

The launch of this incubator program is just one step in DS/X Ventures and Dailysocial.id’s ongoing commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our program participants and continuing to empower female founders around the world.

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To learn more about DSLauncHER incubator program for female founders, please visit https://dsx.vc/launcher or contact Michael at mc@dsx.vc.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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